Unblocking and Creating Healthy Relationships

By Katie Kovaleski & Elli Richter

Helping You Build Relationships that FEEL Good

 Our external relationships are a reflection of our internal conditioning; this series will make the cliche of needing to love yourself first a tangible and achievable process. (and a lot of fun, we love to laugh)

These programs form in the first 0-7 years of our lives.

Even if we ‘know’ better, we manifest from beliefs not from thoughts.

This is where PSYCH-K® comes in. Using the techniques we offer at CEO Wisdom, we can help you change your subconscious beliefs. And upgrade your life.

We’ve created this 6 week group class called Relationship Reboot that focuses and targets our greatest blocks and struggles surrounding codependency and relationships. If you’re ready to up-level your life, let us know to save you a spot!

Classes begin on Monday, 7/11 and will meet every Monday for 6-weeks live on Zoom from 6:30-8:30 pm EST.

Self-love investment: $800 

This group is for you if you want to:

Nurture and deepen your current relationship

Desire & wish to attract your ideal partner

Want to let go of toxic partners for good

Are struggling with grief & moving on from a relationship

Are ready to shift relational dynamics in any area of your life, including with people, places and substances

Are ready to release generational trauma and familial patterns

How will this class help me?

We will:

  • Study the principles of codependency
  • Assess and release old framework and self-limiting conditioning around relationships 
  • Build new, supportive subconscious beliefs using PSYCH-K
  • Create action steps and supportive daily habits
  • Utilize our “4 Pillars of Healing & Growth” e-workbook to maximize in between session progress

Ready to truly transform your life? Drop us a line, and we'll be in touch!

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