A Bi-Monthly Self-Support Group

It's time to awaken your inner CEO - Compassionate, Empowered, Observer.

During each bi-monthly live Zoom session, you will experience:

  • A 90-minute interactive session 
  • Breath-work & Meditation  
  • Intuitive Messages channeled specifically for the group
  • Subconscious Integration with PSYCH-K
  • Action steps to create accountability
  • Community Connection & Discussion 

Upcoming Sessions: (Click on the Date to Book your spot)

Tuesday, 8/10, 7-8:30

Tuesday, 8/31, 7-8 pm EST

Thursday, 9/16 7-8 pm EST

Thursday, 9/30 7-8 pm EST

Thursday, 10/21 7-8 pm EST

Thursday, 11/4 6:30-7:30 pm EST

Investment: $49

Amplify FAQ:

The Format:

Each class starts with easy breathwork and gentle energy yoga to clear our energy field & connect within.

After connecting within, Katie shares messages she sees for us, and we journal about them and share what comes up for us.

We then integrate these messages with 2-3 PSYCH-K balances.

PSYCH-K is the fastest and most effective way to change your subconscious beliefs and release trauma.

A belief change or trauma release is called a “balance”. You choose what you would like to transform, and what you want to ‘balance for.’

We end class by choosing an empowering action step to follow up the powerful subconscious changes you made, and a deep relaxation meditation.


  • All classes are 90-minutes
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • No experience necessary
  • Keep a journal or notepad handy
  • Find a cozy space where you can move freely and/or lay down if needed