Relationship Reboot Virtual

A self-paced, pre-recorded module series

Welcome to our virtual, pre-recorded, self-paced edition of the Relationship Reboot series; moving from codependency into empowerment & interdependency.

This 6-module series will gently guide you into self-awareness with your relationship patterns, provide therapeutic context, holistic self-care practices for self-soothing as well as tangible action steps you can take in your day-to-day life to create sustainable change.

Each module will:

  • Discuss a component of moving from codependency to interdependency
  • Incorporate self-care in the form of breath-work & meditation
  • Use journaling exercises to create self-awareness 
  • Allow for the excavation and understanding of limiting subconscious beliefs 
  • Leave you with a tangible action step for external change 

This series is for you if:

  • You're in a relationship and want to nurture it more deeply
  • Desire a relationship 
  • Are ready to make a change in your current one
  • Wish to connect more deeply with yourself
  • Wish to understand and change your relationship patterns 
  • Are ready to take charge of creating change in your life

After this course you will:

  • Have a deep understanding of the principles of codependency
  • Recognize your patterns and triggers and know how to easily move through them
  • Create empowering dynamics in all your relationships
  • Feel at ease communicating all of your feelings & needs
  • Be able to identify old framework and self-limiting conditioning around relationships  
  • Be able to easily create action steps and supportive daily habits

Our external relationships are a reflection of our internal conditioning; this series will make the cliche of needing to love yourself first a tangible and achievable process. (and a lot of fun, we love to laugh)

When: This course is self-paced, once you purchase, you will have access to the entire series

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