7-Days of Energy Clearing

Self-Care Sparkler Series

By Katie Kovaleski & Elli Richter

Are you ready to glow up and bring back your sparkle??

You’re in the right place! Welcome to Part 2 of our 7 Day Sparkler Series – a deep dive into all of our favorite (and most effective) self-care tools, tips and practices. For the next 7-months we will be hosting a one week “challenge” each month that deep dives into a specific self-care tool allowing you to learn it from the inside out. Up next we have energy clearing…

Many people identify as feeling chronically stressed, anxious or worried and don’t realize they are missing an important piece of the feel better puzzle – understanding their own energy, how powerful it is and how to clear it. That’s where energy clearing practices come in! We are going to guide you through 7-days of energy clearing designed to help you master simple practices that will allow you to: 

– Release other people’s emotions/energy

– Gain clarity and take accountablity for your own emotions/energy

– Free up a ton of energetic bandwidth so you can focus on what you want to create and build in your life.

We’ve created this specific 7 Day Challenge in the spirit of self-care – showcasing tools and practices that allow you to connect back to YOU. When you’re taking care of yourself, your bandwith increases, and you’re able to give more, be more present, do more that you want to do and really live your life.

If you’re ready to pick up your pen and up-level your life, let us know to save you a spot!

The 7-Day challenge begins on Monday, 7/18 – Join us!

This is for you if…


You consider yourself an empath or highly sensitive


You regularly find yourself taking on other people's energy and feelings


You want to have better boundaries


You want to feel bright and sparkly


You want to connect to your intuition


You want to always know the best decisions for yourself


You want to deepen your spiritual connection


You want to improve your physical health


You want to let go of energetic ties to past relationships

What to Expect: 

We are going to break it down into bite sized, super simple, yet powerful action steps for you to experience how powerful energy clearing practices can be. 

You will learn what each practice really does for you on a physical, energetic,  emotional and cognitive level…

These 7 days are a launchpad for you into a new way of being in your inner & outer world – get ready to heal & up-level, bring back your spark and create a clear path forward toward the life you WANT!

Self care creates bandwidth.

For healing, for action, for new beginnings.

Let’s create bandwidth and sparkle together.


Begins July 18, 2022

Joining the challenge includes:

Welcome email: this email breaks down what to expect during the 7-days along with a list of suggested (although not mandatory) materials, how to join the Instagram group and what time the Zoom sessions will take place.

Access to a private Instagram thread: We will be chatting and posting additional tips & insights.

Daily Sparkler emails: Every day for 7-days you will receive your self-care “sparkler” of the day via email, this includes a recording of us facilitating the energy clearing practice for that day, broken down in simple, effective pieces along with additional suggested resources (Each daily sparkler will take no more than 10-15 minutes of time each day).

2 LIVE Zoom Support Sessions & Daily pre-recorded videos: We will be discussing the somatic tools, answering questions, along with demo’s of those tools and additional bonuses! 

Free access to our 4 pillars of healing & growth workbook 

Investment: $49 

Ready to truly transform your life? Drop us a line, and we'll be in touch!

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