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Elli’s corner: PSYCH-K Balances for Weight Loss

by | May 8, 2022 | Nervous System, PSYCH-K®, Self-Care, Trauma Loops

The best PSYCH-K balances for weight loss depend on your unique challenges, so here is a walk through of some potential growing edges and some ideas for your Sessions! We call the process of subconscious change a ‘balance’. You can balance for a new belief, or you can close a trauma (stress) loop using the PSYCH-K processes.

A lot of people have trouble losing weight, trouble keeping it off, or trouble ‘arriving’ in their new normal with confidence.

If you have not yet read my previous blog about weight loss and the subconscious mind, check it out https://theceowisdom.com/category/self-care/

Mindset is a huge key to successfully making lasting changes. Specifically, our subconscious mindset. This part of our consciousness makes 95-99%. In my praxis, it is all about helping my clients take ACTION with ease, confidence, and joy.

Let’s say we are having a session and your goal is lasting weight loss.

I would ask you about your history, what you tried so far and what you believe it takes to lose weight.

Then I would ask you what you want instead.

Most of the time, our fears, doubts, and limitations show up when we start to think about what we really want.

We would also explore possible benefits that the weight on your body is currently giving you.

Open and curious here.

A lot of weight loss issues are about protection

Once we discover what the benefits might be, we can make the subconscious changes to help you experience these benefits without the weight.

A benefit could be feeling safe.

Then we could create a new mindset. The following are a few examples, and you would craft a statement that is most emotionally meaningful for you

subconscious change for weight loss

Then we would unblock your perceived challenges. We all have certain excuses, which really are actually limiting beliefs. And beliefs can be changed!

PSYCH-K balances for weight loss are all about finding your growing edge and balancing for what you want to be able to feel, do, or be.

find a way to move your body that is FUN for you

Say you have a hard time exercising regularly, or think you ‘should’ do things you actually dread or hate..

subconscious change for weight loss

PSYCH-K balances for weight loss shall also center around making peace with ALL the feels, and setting BOUNDARIES

Say you eat your feelings, and every time you feel triggered, stressed, tired, sad, angry, scared, guilty, or ashamed, you find yourself mindlessly eating. Everything is a subconscious program, and a habituated pattern that starts in the subconscious mind.

subconscious change for weight loss

Or say you have a hard time making healthy choices

Maybe it is around eating out, or maybe you are mindlessly picking food from your kid’s plates, or maybe you don’t know when enough is enough and don’t trust yourself around certain foods…

The best PSYCH-K balances for weight loss are shirt, punchy, and emotionally meaningful for YOU.

and of course you can use PSYCH-K balances for weight loss to help you to make healthy choices..

subconscious change for weight loss

be sure to untangle your innate worth and your weight..

These possible PSYCH-K balances for weight loss are all ideas to help you identify what is missing for you and give you inspiration for your own goal statements and sessions.

Perhaps you find that really nothing is ever good enough and that the key for you would be feeling innately worthy and loving yourself as you are first.

subconscious change for weight loss

and sometimes we simply need to BELIEVE that what we want is even possible..

Or say you have tried so many things that you now believe you cannot reach your goals or that it is too hard it takes to long

subconscious change for weight loss

We would also explore emotionally charged memories. Perhaps somebody made a comment about your appearance that stuck with you and keeps you in a trauma loop. Or perhaps you have experienced sexual or physical trauma, and losing weight feels unsafe.

We would use the PSYCH-K processes to help you close those trauma loops so you can move forward in a new way.

FORGIVENESS usually also comes up. Sometimes unwanted weight represents all the ways in which we hold ourselves prisoners with old resentments, either towards others, and often towards ourselves.

Release the ‘baggage’ with FORGIVENESS..

subconscious change for weight loss

After each session, you chose an action step.

This could be anything you choose;

Drinking more water, 

Clearing out your kitchen,

Stay NO,

Trying a new healthy recipe,

Exploring a new workout,

or adding meditation to your mornings…

Subconscious change plus action equals lasting results.

When we change our programs, our mindset, taking action feels effortless, unblocked, unstuck.

PSYCH-K does not make you lose weight, you do.

And it can be of great help and often the missing key to our journey.

You can make these kinds of changes in 1-1 Sessions with me, and easily schedule a free discovery call https://ellirichter.com/contact-3/

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so much love, Elli