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How to make great decisions

by | Aug 3, 2022 | Uncategorized

In a world full of infinite possibilities, making great decisions seems more and more complicated.

If you are having a hard time making decisions, regret some of your choices or doubt your decisions often, you are not alone. A lot of our clients come to us wanting to learn how to trust the choices they are making and get better at knowing what the right decision is.

Let’s first switch from thinking of it in terms of right/wrong, to a decision that feels true to you.

What feels true to us usually is in the highest good for everyone involved. 

What makes a decision great is how it feels in your system, not just in the short term, but in the long run.

No matter what it looks like from the outside, we all do know what is best for us. 

We all have a built-in inner guidance system that communicates to us via our full body YES/NO.

Yes, you heard correctly, your body will TELL you.

Why is it so hard to make great decisions?

We have been conditioned to make decisions from our minds. To weigh the pros and cons, talk to everyone around us about what they think we should do, google it, or make decisions based on what everyone else is doing.

We have lost touch with our built in inner guidance system, our bodies.

The mind is the very conditioned place, filled with fears, doubts, and limitations.

The mind can lie, can talk us into things that are not healthy for us, and the mind can talk us into ignoring our instincts and intuition.

Any successful and joyful person will tell you to always trust your instincts.

And therein lies the challenge.

What your body guides you to via your full body YES/NO might not make sense. AND:

  • It might be scary
  • uncomfortable
  • You might need to have a hard conversation
  • or be judged for it.
  • You might be afraid to miss out
  • or worried to upset or disappoint somebody
  • You could feel scared to fail
  • It might be against what you are taught to believe
  • Perhaps it costs you your relationship
  • It might not be fun
  • or what your friends, partner, or family want
  • And sometimes it is not convenient
Subconscious Goal statement

Why is it so hard to feel the full body YES/NO?

It can be hard to even notice any full body YES/NO feelings, because most of us are either numb or overly activated by all the stress in our minds and bodies. We live with a chronically dysregulated nervous system, because of so much unprocessed trauma (stress) and negative subconscious programming.

The body, especially the nervous system, reflects what is going on in the subconscious mind. And when the subconscious mind loops on stress and fearful beliefs, the nervous system is jacked up as a result, emotions (energy in motion) get stuck in the body, and it becomes very difficult to even feel the full body YES/NO.

And even if we do hear and feel our instincts, we habitually ignore them, because we are conditioned to people pleasing and codependency.

Why is this even relevant?

Let’s start with ignoring our full body NO.

When we ignore our NO, we end up committing to things that are not right for us. From little things like going out when your body needs to stay in and rest, to big things like getting into a relationship with somebody that ends up being super toxic for you.

The long term consequences of ignoring our NO often include anxiety, panic attacks, depression, addiction, codependency, and perpetual shame and guilt.

Ignoring our YES has similar consequences; missed opportunities, disappointment, anxiety, depression, and commitments that are not really true for us.

Anxiety is not a diagnosis, it is your body’s way of telling you something. A dysregulated nervous system makes us feel anxious. And a dysregulated nervous system is the result of unprocessed stress, negative subconscious beliefs, and the resulting unconscious choices we make.

How can we trust our bodies again?

We can trust our bodies again as we unlearn all the noise, and release stress and trauma. For some of you, depending on your past experiences and conditioning, this might be an easy practice; simply honor your full body YES/NO without explanation or justification.

And for most of us, listening to and following our instincts is easier said than done, and easier heard than implemented.

So how do we reconnect to our bodies and make great decisions we feel proud of years down the line?

I believe that the best way to reconnect to our Intuition is to make it the new default subconscious programming. We use PSYCH-K to do so. By releasing unprocessed stress, trauma, limiting beliefs and trapped emotions, our system can return to their natural state of relaxation.

In this relaxed state, you can really feel your full body YES/NO, learn to discern Intuition from fear, and make great decisions.

To keep making great decisions, I believe regular nervous system care is necessary and key. Katie and I have created the four pillars of healing and growth. They include all of these tools and practices to help you fully leverage your epic inner guidance system, gifts, and purpose.

We have a whole 8 week Intuition training group course coming up on this topic, read more here.

It always begins and ends with subconscious integration using PSYCH-K.

Our subconscious mind governs our nervous system.

Making lasting changes to the subconscious mind and regulating your nervous system are KEY to making great decisions you.

So much love, Elli