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Working With Katie Kovaleski & Elli Richter

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Helping you make lasting change.

We believe that sustainable, lasting healing and transformation is possible, and that each of us innately knows who they are, what works for them, and what they came here to be & share.

All of our work is centered around what we have identified as the 4 core pillars of healing and transformation. 
This includes: balancing the nervous system, embodying our emotional system, connecting to our intuition and using subconscious integration via PSYCH-K®. 
Every class we teach and session we facilitate incorporates each pillar to create sustainable change. 


What are the 4 Pillars?

Balancing the Nervous System

When you balance your nervous system, you can approach any situation feeling safe, clear and focused in mind, body, and spirit.

Embodying our Emotional System

Understand and label your feelings using our Body Scan to become emotionally empowered, open, and curious.

Connecting to our Intuition

Become aware of what is in the highest good, and trust decisions and choices via full body YES or NO.

Using Subconscious Integration via PSYCH-K

Feel true peace and non attachment to pain from the past. Feel present, clear and confident to move forward via subconscious Integration with PSYCH-K®.

Based on decades of experience, we have created these 4 pillars to help you empower yourself and to navigate your healing and growth journey.

The pillars are here for you to help you un-become what is conditioned, and remember your wholeness and purpose.

The 4 pillars are like keys, and when woven together, create a science and spirituality based net of holistic support, in an empowering, and integrative way.

How It Works

Schedule a Free 2:1

We'll set up a complimentary "get to know you" video call where we'll meet, walk you through a body scan meditation to introduce you to the 4 pillars. We'll help you identify immediate areas to focus on, and we'll discuss some possible root causes. You'll be presented with options to move forward: 2 on 1 Coaching, "Live" Group Classes, Monthly Workshops or the virtual e-course. 


Intake Form

If you decide to move forward with 2 on 1 Coaching, we'll send you our comprehensive intake form. Due to the 100% customized nature of our 2 on 1 Coaching, this form allows us both to deep dive on who you are, what you've experienced in your life and where you want to go. We use this data to build your coaching calls moving forward.

The First Session

During our first 2 on 1 Session together, we'll review and discuss your intake form, dive into the 4 Pillars and utilize at least one subconscious change process. Each session lasts 1 hour and takes place via Zoom or Google Meet. 

Ongoing Sessions

We'll meet bi-monthly together via Zoom or Google Meet and focus on your challenges and goals to create empowering action steps. On the off weeks, we'll "fly by" virtually and check in with your subconscious mind and higher self and share what we discover.

Ready to truly transform your life? Drop us a line, and we'll be in touch!

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