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Katie Kovaleski & Elli Richter

“It was a wonderful and powerful experience to have two coaches during this program. I feel like it added an extra layer of depth, support and guidance to the program. I am so grateful to have participated in it as I truly feel like it was a healing and uplifting experience. It opened so much in me through the conversation and the psych-k balances. Thank you Katie and Elli for having this wonderful offering!”

“I also am forever grateful to learn, practice and understand that all feelings and answers are in the body. The tools and techniques taught by Katie and Elli have improved my day-to-day living, living more in alignment with my higher self and the person I want to be/feel in all moments. And when life happens, as it will, and someone says something that I’m unhappy with – I have the tools and knowledge on what to do instead of spiraling downward.  I also know if spiraling downward (overthinking of the situation, playing it out in my head, etc) then I know I have a place for subconscious change.”

“I’ve been working with Elli and Katie for over 4 months now, to say my life has radically changed is an understatement. Katie and Elli continue to provide such a warm space to be vulnerable and fully transparent about the depths of what’s going on in my life.”

“I support talk therapy, self-care, etc and still engage in those activities, though it’s through PSYCH-K® and the subconscious change that I truly notice a difference. It’s almost indescribable to explain what happens in the PSYCH-K® process and it’s a noticeable shift in my everyday life. Limiting beliefs and thoughts in those areas are no longer there, like a subtle change that you don’t even realize isn’t an “issue” anymore.”  

 ”One of the most important relationships you have is with yourself. Working with Katie and Elli in the Relationship Reboot not only up-leveled my relationship understanding with others in my life, more importantly it drastically improved my relationship with myself. The tools they share are invaluable! I use them daily as I navigate my most desired life, living as my highest self in peace, contentment and joy!!”

I loved tonight’s session!! After my first balance: every time I look in the mirror, I see my true self and I love myself…I seriously saw myself differently after opening my eyes. Prior to the session beginning I was looking at myself on camera and totally destroying myself with negative self talk. After the balance, I saw myself on screen and thought how pretty I was. 💕 Also, hearing the other ladies and their balances about self love made me realize something. Each of those beautiful women are battling the same things I am. I’ve always felt alone in my battle. It blew my mind to think these beautiful people were fighting the same thing…I guess I’m always so busy comparing myself to others that I fail to realize they have the same battles.” 

“It takes courage to join the first class and if you can come with an open mind, I predict you’ll also be surprised all you can uncover and help any limiting belief.”

As I’ve peeled back the layers of understanding codependency, my role in it, and how it’s held me back (in so many ways) from experiencing what I genuinely want in life; I’ve felt so damn empowered. I have a deeper level of self trust and confidence than ever before. I’ve made bold decisions and proudly taken my power back in relationships where I was giving it away. I’ve stopped lifelong habits that kept me in burnt out rescuer mode and as a result, I feel free to fully be me.”

“Both Katie and Elli are beautiful souls and coaches, holding space for you while you learn and explore many relationships in your life. It was truly a magical and powerful experience!”

“During the course of this group, I learned effective ways to communicate, recognized my codependency behavioral patterns and the roles I play(ed) in various relationships, and how stepping into a place of alignment with my intuition makes space for me to be a creator.”

“The blend of modalities that Elli and Katie use during their sessions will help you become more intimately connected to who you truly are and what you’re capable of. I can’t recommend working with these two incredible women enough.”

“You guys are really helping me live in my design, and it means the world! Consuming all of the human design information from others is helpful, but not if it can’t actually be activated. Eternal gratitude! 🤍”

“EMPOWERING! That is how I would describe Elli and Katie’s Codependency Group!!"

"The tools that Elli and Katie taught us were so valuable. I found them easy to integrate into my daily life. I am better equipped to make choices that align with my needs/wants; I am able to feel the answers in my body! The expanded self-awareness I walked away with is priceless and powerful.”

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