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The CEO Wisdom

Katie Kovaleski & Elli Richter

2 on 1 Coaching

Get direct access to both Katie & Elli in a private "Zoom" setting. Our most personalized and intimate offering. 

"Live" Group Classes

Uplevel together in a small group {virtual}  setting.  Each group is themed around a common focus and is offered in a series.

Monthly Workshops

Before diving into subconscious work, our monthly FREE Workshops allow you to connect within first and foremost.

Self-Paced E-Course

Completely self-paced and pre-recorded, our Relationship Reboot Virtual helps move you away from co-dependency and into empowerment.

Everyone has trauma and limiting beliefs.

(Welcome to the human experience smile )


Feeling “difficult emotions” is part of being human. It’s “normal” to not feel happy all of the time. However, struggling and feeling stuck is often the result of unprocessed trauma and limiting beliefs.

At The CEO Wisdom, we offer you shortcuts to identify your limiting beliefs, along with efficient processes to up-level them instantly. Yes, instantly. 

You’re then able to live your life fully, on your terms, the way YOU want it to be. 

When You Work With The CEO Wisdom, You’ll Feel:

Freedom in areas you currently feel stuck

Light, instead of exhausted

Inspired and clear vs. stuck

Empowered vs. hopeless

Connected to your natural empathic gifts

Powerful and able to make confident decisions

Hey There! 

You know how people say  “can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” OR “If it’s too good to be true it probably is..?” Well, we say: “a belief is just a thought we keep thinking and that doesn’t make it true – beliefs can be changed” AND “change is lasting and possible and can be easeful and quick, with the appropriate tools.

You can find lots of “self-help” out there involving reprogramming and trauma healing, but here is what we have learned: Most modalities offer complicated, out-dated support that only works on the conscious mind. And when you feel stuck and overwhelmed, this type of self-care and therapy can become a full time job. 

We use a tool specifically designed to rewire and change the subconscious – permanently. No more hours of self-care, hours of talking therapy or “processing.” We facilitate sessions using “get better vs. feel better tools” – meaning, once the changes have been made, you don’t have to continue to repeat or revisit them in order for them to keep working. 

How It Works

Schedule a Free 2:1

We'll set up a complimentary "get to know you" video call where we'll meet, walk you through a body scan meditation to introduce you to the 4 pillars. We'll help you identify immediate areas to focus on, and we'll discuss some possible root causes. You'll be presented with options to move forward: 2 on 1 Coaching, "Live" Group Classes, Monthly Workshops or the virtual e-course. 


Intake Form

If you decide to move forward with 2 on 1 Coaching, we'll send you our comprehensive intake form. Due to the 100% customized nature of our 2 on 1 Coaching, this form allows us both to deep dive on who you are, what you've experienced in your life and where you want to go. We use this data to build your coaching calls moving forward.

The First Session

During our first 2 on 1 Session together, we'll review and discuss your intake form, dive into the 4 Pillars and utilize at least one subconscious change process. Each session lasts 1 hour and takes place via Zoom or Google Meet. 

Ongoing Sessions

We'll meet bi-monthly together via Zoom or Google Meet and focus on your challenges and goals to create empowering action steps. On the off weeks, we'll "fly by" virtually and check in with your subconscious mind and higher self and share what we discover.

Ready to truly transform your life? Drop us a line, and we'll be in touch!

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