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PSYCH-K® + Intuitive Coaching

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Impactful Change. Community. Growth.

Our “Live” Group Classes are perfect for those that crave group and community, and who love to learn through listening to others.

We’ve found that when someone shares in our groups, it often leads to huge AHA moments and breakthroughs that otherwise wouldn’t happen for the other participants. There’s magic in sharing, in listening and in connecting all of the dots … together.

Upcoming Group Classes

What’s a group session like?

We Meet "Live"

So much of this work is showing up, and that’s what we offer and highly recommend in our “Live” Group Classes. We meet virtually through Zoom or Google Meet, and while we do offer recordings of certain portions if you’re unable to attend, the magic of the class is when we’re together.

The Group Remains Small & Intimate

We intentionally keep our groups small, limited to 8 to 12 people. We welcome and encourage sharing. There is interaction during the live class, and we keep a group text thread going for continued support during the session.

The Flow of the Class

We start each class with body scans to get fully present in our bodies and to allow us to fully FEEL our feelings. 

Then, we offer open sharing time so each person can briefly fill in the group about their week, including what’s changed and shifted since the previous session. You can always opt-out of sharing if you prefer, no pressure.

Then we introduce the topic of the session, answer any questions, journal and clarify what we will unblock. 

Then we break out into separate zoom rooms to facilitate the PSYCH-K® portion of the session before joining back together as a group to close with intuitive messages and nervous system care.

Each class lasts 2 hours. 

How We Use PSYCH-K® to Balance

Whether we’re releasing stress and trauma around an event or feeling OR we’re reprogramming outdated beliefs in your subconscious mind, we’ll use PSYCH-K® to balance.

We check in with your higher self along the way to help us guide the best path forward and to make sure all actions are for the greater good. Your higher self always gives the seal of approval.

In this group setting, we utilize breakout rooms to facilitate the PSYCH-K® processes, allowing you to the space and environment to upgrade your subconscious. 

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